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The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme Is Serrapeptase

The book that can change your life.

The Most Updated and Thorough Resource Yet on Serrapeptase

“Serrapeptase has been used clinically as an anti-inflammatory across Europe and Asia over the past few decades. It was first noticed over 30 years ago, being used by the silkworm in its cocoon to dissolve the protein shell. The third edition of “The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme® is Serrapeptase” book, written by a leading health expert, tells the amazing story of how widely this enzyme has been used and researched in many areas of health – without showing any signs of unwanted side effects

Some of the benefits people have experienced from taking this naturally occurring enzyme include: Pain Relief, Inflammation Relief, Clear ArteriesThe latest edition of the book is in two sections and contains over 360 pages, listing more than 240 detailed health plans that include this enzyme, combined with a naturally healthy lifestyle.

In Section 1 you’ll learn how Serrapeptase may be combined to help support relief and recovery in many areas: Pain and Inflammation, Brain and Mind Problems, Chronic / Acute Disease Recovery, Cardiovascular Health, Digestive and Organ Health, Ear, Nose and Throat Problems, Eye Problems, Lung Problems, Men’s Health, Pet and Animal Health, Skin Problems,

Read stories and reports from practitioners and users who have discovered the power of Serrapeptase for themselves! In Section 2 of the book you can discover how food and lifestyle have an effect on disease, why you should ‘junk’ the junk foods and a ’10 Step Good Health for Life’ plan to get you started. Filled with daily action sheets, lifestyle plans, basic tips for healthier eating, recipes, menu ideas, clinical research, studies and more. The latest version of The ‘Miracle Enzyme’ book is the most updated and thorough resource yet on Serrapeptase and its many benefits.”

What’s inside



Explanation about the ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, call Serrapeptase

About Food & Lifestyle

and their effect on disease

Research & References

Rapports and references about the Serrapeptase

Health Plans

96 Health plans where Serrapeptase can help your journey to a healthier life

Menu ideas & Recipes

Little ides to get you started

Glycaemic Index

8 pages list of what you can eat, and should not eat


a. Enzymes, what are they?

Enzymes are catalysts and are made out of amino acids by RNA (RiboNucleic Acid), which is made by DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid). Some people call them “active proteins.” This activity means they make things happen. (Imagine a factory with lots of equipment and raw materials; nothing much happens without workers to make it all happen. These workers are your enzymes — look after them, and they will do a great job.) Enzymes need a specific temperature and pH (measure of acidity/alkalinity) to perform their work. Enzymes from plants work best at the human body’s temperature and pH. They are essential in every function of growth, repair, and therefore health of every living cell in your body.

“Digest, Build, Repair, Clean Up”

Thousands of enzymes are working every second to build and regenerate our body. They are constantly being converted or produced in our body and depend upon good living nutrition to keep ahead of daily damage and degeneration. They do need help in this job, and this essential help comes from Co-Enzymes.

These are critical vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B12. Even a small deficiency in B12 results in disease. This becomes such a problem with elderly people on poor diets that they at times need injections. Another Co-Enzyme, Zinc, is needed by about 80 enzyme activities, not to mention the famous Co-Enzyme Q10. Without enzymes and co-enzymes, there would be no living thing as we know it. Grass, Trees, Insects, Germs, Animals, and Humans all depend on enzymes to sustain growth and health. In a nutshell:

There are 3 types of enzymes:

  1. Food/Digestive enzymes – These take the basic building blocks delivered by food we eat and convert it to colloidal particles (the smallest particles that exist in a free state) that can be converted into healthy living tissue.
  2. Metabolic enzymes – Metabolic enzymes use these colloids to keep all of our organs and tissues functioning with hundreds of diverse chemical activities, repairing body organs and fighting disease. Our body’s ability to stay healthy, to repair tissue when injured, and to protect us from disease is directly related to the quality and number of enzymes, coenzymes, and nutritious food.
  3. Clean-Up Enzymes – These third types are not really a separate group, but are the enzymes for the last job on the line, clearing up. They are responsible for cleaning up and eliminating the mess that is left in our body from the construction and repair work that is in operation 24/7. These clean-up enzymes clear our bodies of the undigested carbohydrates, proteins, and non-vital tissue floating around. Their other vital job is to provide anti-inflammatory enzymes to fight infections and tissue damage.

Health Plans


The third edition of “The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme® is Serrapeptase” book, written by a leading health expert, tells the amazing story of how widely this enzyme has been used and researched in many areas of health – without showing any signs of unwanted side effects.

Robert Redfern, The Serrapeptase Guy.

Robert Redfern (born January 1946) has helped hundreds of thousands of people in over 24 countries through online health support websites, books, radio/TV interviews, and nutritional discoveries. His new series of books brings this work together in an easy to – read format that everyone can follow to help resolve their chronic health problem – once and for all.

Robert’s interest in health started when he and his wife Anne decided to take charge of their family’s health in the late 1980s. Up until 1986, Robert had not taken much notice of his health – in spite of Anne’s loving persuasion. It took the premature death of his parents, Alfred and Marjorie, who died in their sixties, to shock Robert into evaluating his priorities.

As well as good health, they feel and look younger and more energetic than all those years ago – before they started their plan. At the time of printing, Robert, aged 72, and Anne have every intention of continuing to be well and looking younger, using their unique understanding of Natural Health.

Robert Redfern

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